Lawyer Services

Graffeo Law maintains the trust of other lawyers and firms to help efficiently and effectively represent their clients’ interests in Alabama through local counsel services, conflict representation and project-based engagements. Attorney V. J. Graffeo has nearly twenty years of litigation experience across Alabama’s state and federal courts, as well as having participated in national large-scale, multi-jurisdictional and complex litigation matters. He has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in actions involving personal injury, contract disputes, insurance coverage, securities fraud, business dissolutions, products liability, real estate, employment litigation, professional liability and more. Graffeo Law has the flexibility to work with lawyers in developing a level and scope of services appropriate for each case or project.


Whether you are an out-of-state lawyer needing help in Alabama, or an Alabama lawyer needing assistance in Central Alabama, Graffeo Law provides a range of local counsel services that include: guidance in court practice and procedure, court appearances, shepherding of pro hac vice admissions, management of day-to-day activity with the courts and opposing counsel, assistance with general motion practice and briefing, jury consultation, trial preparation and appearances.


Graffeo Law also handles conflict representations for lawyers and firms that need quality legal representation for their clients at a fair price. This representation typically results when a company and an employee, director or officer are defendants in a lawsuit, but a conflict prevents the same attorney or firm from representing multiple parties. 


Additionally, Graffeo Law works with attorneys and law firms to provide ad hoc coverage and assistance with court appearances, depositions, brief writing, investigations and other project based engagements. In today’s fast paced and constantly evolving legal environment, time and geographical demands can restrain lawyers from efficiently serving clients. By providing project based services, Graffeo Law offers a reliable and cost-effective alternative to hiring additional staff.

Lawyer Services include:

  • Local counsel representation in state and federal courts throughout Alabama
  • Conflict representation of current and former company employees, officers and directors
  • Procurement of Alabama discovery for lawsuits pending in foreign jurisdictions
  • Statewide coverage for court appearances
  • National and International coverage for depositions, discovery and investigations
  • Brief writing and research