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Website Terms of Use and Disclaimers

THE ALABAMA STATE BAR REQUIRES THE FOLLOWING DISCLAIMER:  No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.  The case descriptions and representative matters highlighted on this website are not an indication of future results. Every case and matter is different and must be evaluated on its own facts and circumstances and the applicable law. The outcome of a litigation matter depends on many factors, including the jurisdiction, the venue, the witnesses, the parties, and the testimonial and documentary evidence.


This website should be considered as an advertisement for Graffeo Law, LLC’s services.  We encourage potential clients to not rely upon any materials contained in this website when making a determination about engaging our services; instead, we would prefer that any such decision follow a personal investigation of our firm with third parties.


Information contained in this website should not be understood to imply specialization and/or certification inconsistent with any rules promulgated by the Alabama State Bar Board of Legal Specialization including the Alabama State Bar Rules of Specialization.  Additionally, we expressly make no comparison between the services performed by Graffeo Law, LLC and any other attorney or firm.


Access to or use of any materials contained in this website is strictly subject to these terms of use, in addition to any future modifications of the same.  Access to or use of any materials contained herein constitutes an acceptance of these terms of use.


All materials developed for this website are intended to serve informational purposes, and should not be considered as legal advice, regardless of any relationship with the firm.  No guarantee is made as to the accuracy or completeness of any materials contained in this website, nor can they be verified as up-to-date.  Any photography contained in this website does not contain clients or other parties affiliated with Graffeo Law, LLC.


We expressly discourage any reliance upon materials posted on this web site, and encourage anyone accessing or using these materials to seek proper legal counsel.  Access to or use of these materials shall not constitute the establishment of an attorney-client relationship between this firm and any party.  Further, any communication with the firm shall not constitute the establishment of an attorney-client relationship.


Any posted opinions or other materials do not carry the firm’s official endorsement.  All external links and information likewise should not be considered representative of the firm’s official position or positions on any particular issue.  We also cannot verify the appropriate use of any legally protected materials associated with external links and information.


The party responsible for the content on this website is Vincent J. Graffeo, Esq. who may be located at our Birmingham, Alabama office.


The website, graffeolaw.com, its contents and all other electronic platforms managed by Graffeo Law, LLC are copyrighted 2016-Present by Graffeo Law, LLC. All rights reserved.


Any use, whether personal or commercial, of materials appearing on graffeolaw.com or our other electronic platforms may only be reproduced and/or redistributed following express written permission to do so from the firm. In order to obtain such permission, please email us at hello@graffeo.com and describe the nature of the use, who will be using it, and all other pertinent information associated with such a request. We do not guarantee permission will be granted in all cases and in no case may permission be inferred or modified without our express written approval.

Privacy Policy

Graffeo Law, LLC utilizes the website, graffeolaw.com, and all other electronic platforms, for the dual purposes of providing information about its legal services, and providing other general information and resources.  Any access or use of these mediums expressly does not establish an attorney-client relationship, including the use of phone, email, or in-person communications based upon information provided herein. In the absence of an express statement by us, any information received by the firm outside of an attorney-client relationship may not be considered privileged or treated as confidential.


Collected Information

We collect information relating to visitors to graffeolaw.com, or other electronic platforms utilized by Graffeo Law, LLC, for the purpose of analyzing our web traffic and other administrative purposes. This information can include users’ internet protocol address, pages visited, date and times of visits, referring and exiting websites, browser types, and operating systems. We do not link this information to personal information, and is not intended for this purpose. Rather, it is important for the administration of these electronic platforms to understand how visitors are utilizing them.


How Collected Information Is Used

Any information collected is utilized in an effort to understand our web traffic and the uses of our electronic platforms. Personal information is only used to respond to requests for information, ensure smooth administration of our electronic platforms and to identify information that may be of interest to your business. We do utilize an opt-in/opt-out system whereby only users who expressly request information about our firm (thereby opting-in) will receive such. There is always an opportunity to opt-out of these communications by informing us of your desire to do so, and we will make every effort to accommodate your request as quickly as possible.


Who Has Access to Collected Information

Our website and other electronic platforms are maintained by a third party, who may be given access to collected information. Other third party providers of marketing, communications or other services – with whom we have engaged – may also be given access to collected information. Personal information is treated subject to this privacy policy and may be handled according to our direction. If such information is required according to a judicial or other proceeding, we will distribute the information according to the terms that compel its distribution. We also reserve the right to utilize any collected information to preserve our property interests or to assert any other legal rights, including the protection of any individual’s personal or property rights.


Opt-Out Procedure

In order to opt-out of any specific communication, please contact the firm at hello@graffeolaw.com. Please indicate in your email which communications you want to opt-out of.


Cookie Use

Cookies are information derived exclusively from your web traffic use and may be utilized by graffeolaw.com or our other electronic platforms. Often, cookies are utilized to improve a web user’s experience by recalling data previously accessed or entered and are referred to as session ID cookies. All cookies, including persistent cookies, are only capable of obtaining information that you volunteer while utilizing a web browser. Our primary use of cookies is expressly limited to analyzing web traffic flows. We do reserve the right to utilize this information for other purposes. Your web browser does include options to disable, prevent, or limit access that cookies may have to your web use.



The website is solely intended to be utilized by persons over the age of majority in any jurisdiction. We require that any individuals below the age of majority expressly do not enter any personal or otherwise identifying information when utilizing robinsonattys.com or our other electronic platforms.


External Links

External links to otherwise unaffiliated websites do appear on graffelaw.com and our other electronic platforms. We cannot ensure the safety of these websites, nor do we endorse or otherwise intend to create any connection between external websites and our firm. Once you have clicked an external link, you will have left our website and we cannot intervene or manage any resulting issues that may follow.


Privacy Policy Modifications

Use of graffeolaw.com or our other electronic platforms constitutes acceptance of our privacy policy and terms of use. However, we reserve the right to modify any policy related to the use of these mediums at any time and at our sole and exclusive discretion. For your convenience, we have included the latest revision date below so that you are able to distinguish among previous and current versions.


Should you desire to contact us, please do so by emailing us at hello@graffeolaw.com.

Effective Date March 17, 2016